Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Look At Your Property The Way Possible Buyers Do

There have been many times over my career as a real estate investor that I wanted to sell my property fast. Sometimes it was simply a matter of wanting to get my equity out of the house in order to invest the money in another house or another project entirely. And sometimes I had other motivations.

Today there are a lot of people with their own personal motivations, not the least of these being the desire to get out from under house payments and the cost of maintaining a house. It's no longer considered a huge embarrassment because it's become such a common problem in the present economy. Families who have never lived in apartments before are doing so now because it's the most practical option for them. No matter what your own reasons may be, you will benefit from these ideas. In this article I'm sharing what I do when I want to sell a home fast.

The first thing I do when I want to sell my house fast is leaf through a little book that's been my secret for many years, long before I had digital contact lists. This book includes the names and contact information of many other real estate investors I know. Many times we call each other when we have an investment property for sale, and from time to time we sell a residence to each other.

So, that's the first thing I do when I want to sell my house fast. You may not have a little book full of contacts like I do, but you do have neighbors who may be interested. I strongly encourage you to contact other people in your neighborhood because you never know who might be looking for a house for friends or other family members. It has happened to me more than once myself. Meaning, contacting the people in the neighborhood where I have a house for sale has can be a very effective way to sell my house fast. I always send out postcards first, and on the postcard I announce the date and time of an open house.

That way I know the neighbors all have notice of my house for sale and also a good time for them to tour it. This technique can be invaluable because if your neighbors themselves are not interested in purchasing a new house they may very well know others who would be interested in moving into the neighborhood. That's the way it often works in my business, and that's the way it can work for you, too.

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